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Aug 6, 2013 9:00am PDT
they got them out of a texas-sized hole. >> and a gig at a bar bucks t, singer is not 21 so he can't come inside of the bar. >> find out how the band dealt with this ingenious solution. >>> and everything changes with a blink of an eye. from the express wway, we have bus backing up here on the expressway and you can see a whole load of passengers and not going slow at all, but the bus is in the lane and not on the shoulder, and now, watch, everybody in their seats, calm, and this changes real fast. within a second, you will see people falling out of the windows of the bus and it was hit by a semi truck from behind and the bus ended up on its side. and apparently, when he backed up in the lane, he was apparently trying to back up to get on another exit. watch it from another angle. you can see now where it lapdnd, right? because people are standing up and almost on the side wall of the bus. from, you can see the aftermath of the crash. you can see the bus on the side and the semi truck on its side as well. this looks terrible, but right now, the reports are that one person wa
Aug 22, 2013 1:35am EDT
and dreams of a small texas town in the state of texas rest squarely on the broad athletic shoulders of their star running back and his trusted towel manager. look at hank go. touchdown! yay, dad! ( all cheering ) okay, stop it. no one wants to watch this. hey, who wants to dance? dale, help me move that couch. dang it! what's the matter, hank? you don't want to see the part where you broke your ankle? film's a little grainy, but i think you can see bone. i don't want to see my ankle and i don't want to carry the dang torch. uh... anyone want to see nancy in an art film? shug! dad. someday someone's going to make the world's largest fruit pie and the next day i'm going to get in the guinness book of world records for eating it. bobby, i'm not in the mood for riddles right now. i'm just saying i hope you aren't backing out because you feel bad for me. i'll have my moment in the sun someday. but this one's yours. you're a hero. you took arlen high to state. ( sighing ): i'm not a hero. i'm a disgrace. bobby: okay, your trousers are filthy. but so were everybody else's. forget about it.
Aug 23, 2013 1:35am EDT
. why are you talking like that? ( texas accent ): honey, you don't want the king to catch you breaking character. once he put me on stable duty for humming an elvis song. follow me, fair visitors. to our tasks. everyone! villagers approach! i hope you enjoyed the stable and the sty. we now move on to some more comely beasts of burden-- the wenches. good morrow, everyone. i am beating a rug-- a very important job for castles were oft drafty and... wench! whom addressed thee? i addressed myself. since there was no such thing as a vacuum cleaner in the middle ages... what speak you of "vacuum cleaner"? peggy, hold thine tongue. oh-oh-oh. right, right, right. in the future, they will invent a magical sucking device to free women from household drudgery. ( all gasping ) if thou can foretell the future perhaps thou art a witch. she is no a witch, milord. merely tetched in the head from the sun. she's a witch. witch! witch! witch! witch! ( horn blowing ) how, now? is there unrest in my kingdom? she's a witch. hank: well, i guess if they burn you at the stake they'll be using my propane. you'l
Aug 2, 2013 9:30am PDT
're wondering how that happened. >>> check out this moment caught on dash cam from a patrol car in texas. these are officers walking up to a 17-year-old man that is straddling the edge of that overpass. he had been threatening to jump. notice the officer on the right manages to grab ahold of this kid. >> calm down, all right? >> he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> one of the officers being commended for this is the first officer arriving to the scene who saw what happened. he is being commented for his quick and incredibly careful actions that other authorities believe helped this man not jump. >> brave, but also risky. >>> a motorcyclist hits an suv then disappears from sight. >> you can guess where he is. y underneath the vehicle. >> how a bus driver stepped up to get the driver out. >> and bear heads to the dumpster. >> he will not pick out the snacks that taste good to him. >> see the move to g it guides you to a number that will change your life: it will give you the soundest sleep you've ever had. it's a bed so intuitive it even knows you by name. now it's easier than e
Aug 25, 2013 12:30pm PDT
, touchdown! >> touchdown texas. rock and roll. ♪ >> takes it uh to the end zone. touchdown. are you kidding me?
Aug 30, 2013 9:30am PDT
are getting airborne off their unicycle which is pretty impressive. it goes down in san marcos, texas. what i like about it, some of the names of the teams, the narwalls hell on wheels, rolling blackouts and the unipsychos. field goal, watch this. kicking a ball up the unicycle. pretty cool stuff. >>> to all the teenagers out there that have to mow the family lawn, i'm about to change your life. watch this brilliant little life hack. the guy puts a post in the middle of the lawn. ties the rope on the post, ties the other end of the rope to the self propelled push behind lawn mow mower. it's going to go around and go around and the rope will get shorter until it reaches the post. fires it up, puts the lawn mower in gear. ties a rope around the handle. takes it off the rock an look at how brilliantly this works. you can kickback and drink yourself a root beer now. >> this would be perfect if you had a round lawn. >> you dstill have to do a litte bit of mowing though. >> in fact, some of the commenters are saying you need a bigger, thicker post in the middle because it's overlapping too much. >>
Aug 7, 2013 9:30am PDT
and tie. this video uploaded by jarrett allen says his cousin cole is a missionary in dallas, texas. rolled up on this street ball game. bonk. air ball. >> air balls. >> they were schoolings this guys. a little bit of a hustle. here's how they actually play. >> boom. >> good question. is it appropriate to hustle when you're on your mission? you're hustling for jesus, baby. >> i don't think there was any money involved. >> what? >> these guys are like, in dress shoes. that's not the only awesome play. watch this. big denial, swatting it out. they're good. >> yeah. >> oh. >> dress shoes? >> dress shoes. got their ties tucked into their white shirts. these are two mormon missiona missionaries traveling around. >> i love how much these guys love it. >> according to the uploader he says the best part of this story is that one of the guy's daughters ended up getting baptized. they converted to mormon. mission of dunking worked. apparently one is on the championship basketball team and has a 40-inch vertical dunk. >>> for the most part when we see a fireworks display, it's from the ground
Aug 10, 2013 10:00am PDT
missionary in dallas, texas. they rolled up on this street ball game. air balls. >> but they were schooling these guys. a little bit of a hustle. here's how they actually play. >> boom! >> see that? >> is it appropriate to hustle when you are on your mission? you are hustling for jesus, baby. >> i'm sure they didn't bet any money. >> i don't think there was any money involved. >> what? >> these guys are like in dress shoes he dunked on us. >> that's not the only awesome play. watch this. big denial. swatting that out. ooh. >> they are good. >> yep. >> oh! >> they're in dress shoes? >> dress shoes. their ties tucked in. these are two mormon missionaries traveling around on their bicycles, of course. >> i love how much these guys love it. >> according to the uploader, he says the best part of the story is that one of the guy's daughters ended up getting baptized. the converted to mormons. their mission of dunking worked. apparently one of these guys is on the state championship basketball team and also has a 40-inch vertical jump. >>> that's going to do it for us here at "rtm." we'll see you
Aug 19, 2013 9:30am PDT
. >> observe here, guys. >> that is a truck spinning out of control in san antonio, texas. we got this video from our friends at ksat. according to witnesses he not only hit the sign post, he rammed that truck across the street inside of a blockbuster individuvideo causing thousands dollars worth of damage. >> i turn around to see what happened and i see the truck is just inside of the store. >> and according to eyewitnesses, before cameras started rolling on this incident this guy hit several other guys. >> came out this way, sped out, smashed through like two cars like a bull dozer. >> did he have a stuck gas pedal? what was going on here? >> according to police this driver was under the influence of prescription narcotic pills. when they came to the scene, after onlookers called 911, they found inside his car -- >> never let his foot off the gas. >> i thought i was going to die the driver of the truck the only person injured in the incident. taken to the hospital with a broken collarbone. and police have charged this man with dwi. >> he's trying to -- >> what's scary if you're one of peop
Aug 20, 2013 9:30am PDT
. we got this individuvideo from, and a guy named burt cruz originally from texas visited a small town in northern california and decided this is where i want to live. and luckily, bank of america was selling a 19th century bank building and he put a offer on it, and if you want to live somewhere why not a bank. >> well, not a bank. >> well, it is a bank building and old 19th century bank building in downtown in this small town and he had to do something so people would n walk into his house, and he rranged the letters so th it says not a bank. and now inside of the bank home, shall we? e he kept the original structure, and the original wall where the tellers would have been, but he turned the public bathroom in the bank into his kitchen. he uses upstairs as the bedroom, but what does he do with the vault? >> you probably have something called a garage that you put everything in. all of your bicycles and junk. okay. i have a vault. or as we call it the black hole. >> you have to have somewhere to put the junk, so he uses it as the giant storage closet. >> kind of not that
Aug 25, 2013 1:35am EDT
a hundred years before the new yorkers. upon hearing this, bubba from texas, dug down 30 feet on his farm and found absolutely nothing. he concluded three hundred years ago, texans had already gone wireless. (laughter) all right! hold up your bible, say it like you mean it. this is my bible. i am what it says i am. i have what it says i have. i can do what it says i can do. today i will be taught the word of god. i boldly confess: my mind is alert. my heart is receptive. i will never be the same. in jesus' name. god bless you. i want to talk to you today about something that you've never seen. i grew up in a minister's home and we always had church and auditoriums and traditional sanctuaries. that's what everybody did. but in 2005, god gave us this beautiful facility. now, we have church in a former sports arena. that's something that i had never seen. i worked 17 years behind the scenes at the church doing the television production and i thought that's how i would spend my life. but when my father went to be with the lord, i was suddenly thrust into this position. now, instead of being b
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)